Choosing The Right Shade For Your Complexion

A Guy's Guide To Zombie Makeup

Move over, vampires—the zombies are here. There are few themes bigger in today's pop culture than zombies. Why the excitement over the undead? Max Brooks, an author who wrote about zombies, suggests to the BBC that zombie popularity may be due to the public's preoccupation with global disaster and the apocalypse. Whatever the reason, Halloween is far from the only opportunity you have to get your zombie on. Zombie parties, walks and even proms are popping up all over the world. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to look like an awesome zombie but haven't got much experience with makeup, you are in luck. Guys can follow a few easy steps to turn themselves into the ultimate brain eaters. Here's how:

Prepare Your Face

The first step to applying makeup is prepping your skin. Begin by washing your face and patting it dry with a clean towel. You should also seriously consider shaving. Zombie makeup can easily get stuck to facial hair. Don't use any type of moisturizing product which can leave your skin slippery and allow the makeup to slide down your face. 

Prime Your Canvas

The base of your makeup will be an overall layer of pale, dull skin. You can achieve this look by applying concealer with a green or purple tint and mixing it with white stage or costume makeup. You can also rub baby powder onto your face to wash yourself out even more. 

Blacken Your Eyes

Color around your eyes with black eyeliner or dark gray eye shadow until your eyes look like they are sunken into your face. Apply gray eye shadow to places on your face that are sunken, like under your cheek bones.

If you are willing to spend the money, zombie contact lenses look very cool and add some drama to your makeup. You can buy these in a costume store. 

Rot Your Skin

Oatmeal is good for more than just breakfast. Smear some liquid latex on your face and then top it with uncooked oatmeal. It will look like your skin is rotting. 

Tear Up Some Flesh

Zombies have some messy skin. You can achieve the look of shredded flesh by applying a layer of liquid latex and then covering it with torn up tissues. Keep adding layers of the latex and tissue until you get the look you want. Then dry it with a blow dryer on a low setting. 

Get Bloody

Buy some fake blood, or make it yourself by adding red food coloring to corn syrup. You can experiment with the color by adding a few drops of blue or green until you get a realistic shade. 

Splatter it on your face or other body parts by loading up a paint brush and then flicking it. You can also paint it onto your hairline or put it on your lips and teeth. 

Don't Forget Your Hair

Your zombie face just won't have the desired effect if your hair is clean and styled. Zombies traditionally have greasy, unkempt tresses. You can get this look naturally by neglecting to wash your hair for about a week...or you can finger comb conditioner through it. Use baby powder to make your hair look ashy. 

Add Some Nasty Teeth

Put red and brown food coloring in water and swish through your teeth like mouthwash. This will leave you with a stained smile. 

You can make yourself into an impressive zombie by following these simple steps even if you have very little experience with makeup. Over time you will perfect each technique and find your own unique zombie style. Keep in mind that you can always take off your makeup and try again, so there is no reason to be hesitant. Once you are made up in undead perfection, you are ready to live—or not live—like a zombie. For more tips and information, contact a company like The Men Pen.