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4 Ways To Add Shilajti To Your Morning Routine

Shilajit is a natural substance that is only found in areas like the Tibet mountains. When cultivated and turned into a pure resin, the shilajit is available for a wide variety of uses. For just your morning routine alone, there are four different ways you can make use of the live resin. Browse through the following routines and see how you can easily implement shilajit into each one.

Morning Juicing

Replacing a morning breakfast with a healthy green juice has become a popular way to start a day, feel energized, and stick to a diet. Drinking just juice alone can create a lot of acid build-up. Natural juices like orange juice and apple juice also contain high amounts of sugar.

Adding shilajit to a morning juice can help your body obtain balance. The acid intake will be reduced, the alkalinity is increased, and you can start the day off feeling refreshed and ready to go. A tablespoon of shilajit added to your morning juice is more than enough to make a large impact. The live resin is highly concentrated. It will dissolve naturally in your juice, making it easy to drink and swallow.

Teeth Care

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are all an essential part of any morning routine. When you brush your teeth, a little shilajit can go a long way. The ingredients in the live resin can help whiten teeth, remove bacteria, and eliminate acids that cause enamel wear. Simply dab your finger in the shilajit, rub it all over your teeth, and let it sit there for 30 seconds. Then proceed to brush normally.

The substance is a pure black, so you should rinse out your mouth with water to eliminate any extra residue left on your teeth. This type of cleaning process is similar to using activated charcoal on your teeth.

Morning Meditation

For many, an important part of starting their day is some morning meditation. Whether this is through traditional yoga, or another type of meditation, shilajit can assist this process. When taking a supplement of shilajit in the morning, there are many benefits that directly link to yoga and meditation. One of these benefits is a lowered blood pressure. With lower blood pressure, you can relax more, focus, and start your day off as strong as possible.

Using the shilajit can also help your body calm down naturally. This is done through a number of properties, including the ability to reduce acids in the body. The more calm you are, the better your meditation process will work. As you start taking a shilajit supplement, you will see the benefits slowly increase over time.

Daily Coffee Intake

One of the first things that people go to in the morning is a daily coffee. Caffeine intake can cause anxiety and jitters, especially if you drink more than a single cup. By mixing shilajit live resin into a cup, you can help reduce the effects of caffeine and drink a richer cup of coffee. This rich cup will make you feel full, reduce the additional amount that you drink, and slowly eliminate the high levels of caffeine from your body.

Over time, you will have the ability to reduce caffeine intake, still function in the mornings, and possibly switch to other forms of coffee like a decaffeinated blend. The amount of shilajit that you use in your coffee depends on the height and weight of a person. Following the package instructions is the best way to ensure that you use the proper amount.

Morning routines are hard to break, but adjusting them is a lot easier. Using the shilajit is an easy process and will become a regular part of your routine once you become used to it. For more information on the benefits of shilajit, follow the link in this sentence.