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Three Stunning Eye Makeup Looks You Can Create At Home

If you want your eye makeup to look pristine and professional, you're going to have to do a little more than sweep on a quick streak of eyeliner. Yet, creating stunning eye makeup looks at home is a lot easier than you might imagine. Read on to learn how to create three different professional-looking eye makeup looks.

Note: Before creating any of these looks, you'll want to apply a layer of eyeshadow primer to your upper eyelid. This will help keep your eyeshadow in place, prevent it from creasing, and ensure the color appears more vibrant.

Look #1: Sensual Nighttime Eyes

This look is smoky and enthralling. The use of dark colors closer to the eye and paler colors further from the eye helps make the eyes the focal point of the face. This intense, yet conventional look is perfect for a dinner party or evening date.

Start by using applying a dark gray eyeshadow to your upper lids. Extend this shadow about halfway up the lid. Then, dip your brush in a medium gray, and extend this color up to the crease. Finally, choose a light gray, and extend this third color up to your eyebrow. Use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow colors together, blurring the borders between them. Then, apply a thin layer of black, liquid eyeliner to both your upper and lower eyelids. The eyeliner on the lower eyelid should end just slightly before the inner corner of your eye.

Once the eyeliner has dried, dip a small eyeshadow brush back into your lightest shade of gray eyeshadow. Dab a thin line of this color just under the black eyeliner on your lower lid. Finish with a thick coat of black mascara.

Look #2: Vibrant Artistic Eyes

When you want to show off your more creative, artistic side, this colorful eye look is the best choice. The combination of blue, green and purple will have all eyes on you. Wear this look to an art show, a book signing, or your progressive office.

Start by sweeping a medium blue across your entire eyelid, ending at the crease. Then, dip your brush in a dark green. Place this over the medium blue in the inner corners of your eyelid, extending it about halfway across your lid. Then, dip a new brush into a medium purple. Apply this to your crease. Dip your last brush into a pale lavender, and sweep this above your crease, about halfway up to your eyebrow. Blend the colors just slightly with your fingers or a blending brush.

Finish up this look with a thin sweep of brown, pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line. You can apply mascara if you wish, but this look calls enough attention to your eyes without it.

Look #3: Metallic Cat Eyes

This look takes the classic "cat's eye" look to the next level with a stunning metallic shadow. This luxurious look can be dressed up for a night at the club, or dressed down for a day of shopping with friends.

If you have brown or hazel eyes, you will want to use a bronze metallic shadow for this look. If you have blue eyes, a light gold will look best. Cream shadow tends to yield the most even look when working with metallic shades. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply an even layer of the metallic shadow across your entire upper lid, from your lashes to your eyebrow. Blend the shadow a little bit at the edges to make it look less harsh. Also, dab a small amount of the shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

Open your black liquid eyeliner, and draw a line along your upper lash line. When you reach the outer corner of your eye, extend this line past it, altering the angle so that the line points towards the end of your eyebrow. You can go back over the line again, thickening it, if you prefer.

A thick coat of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes completes this look. For more help getting the look that you desire, consider contacting a professional makeup artist in your area.