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Master Your Gel Manicures At Home With This Must-Know Info About UV And LED Lamps For Nails

Are you obsessed with having beautifully manicured nails? Perhaps you have a frustration when it comes to chipped nail polish, which is common when regular nail polish is used. You may have tried to use gel nail polish without using special lighting from a nail lamp afterward and got disappointed. The polish likely did not last if the light was not used because the lighting is required to cure the polish. 

UV Nail Lights

Some people do not favor this type of nail lamp for curing because the UV light can darken or wrinkle skin. If you ever use UV nail lamps in a salon or at home, ensure you wear protective Anti-UV gloves to protect your skin. You can also use sunscreen on your skin to protect it.

LED Light for Nails

LED light is a safer alternative to UV lighting. You will still get a lasting cure, which means that you can expect your polish to last longer. However, you will not have the same skin-related risks because LED light cures faster than UV light. 

Nail Polish Selection

You must use gel polish with LED or UV lamps for nails. Regular nail polish is not formulated the same as gel polish. It is also important to note that UV light can cure LED gel nail polishes. However, LED light may not properly activate the curing of UV nail polish. This is because of the differences in wavelengths that the two light options have. Many of the manufacturers of LED gel polish have the estimated differences in curing times for both UV light and LED light noted on their packages. If you are planning on building up a supply of gel polishes, it is ideal to choose LED since it can work with both types of lighting. 

Choosing the Best Nail Light 

The choice of UV or LED comes down to a few factors. If you are on a budget, a UV nail lamp is an affordable option. You should strongly consider investing in the aforementioned skin protectants. Perhaps you can afford to spend a little extra money for an LED nail lamp. You may also have concerns about protecting your skin and minimizing your exposure to UV light, which makes an LED nail lamp the sensible option. Both of these nail lights will ensure that your manicures last longer. You can further ensure this by choosing quality gel polishes and ensuring that you use the right light for the right polish. Remember, UV light works well on both LED and UV polishes, and LED light is best suited for LED polish.

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