Master Your Gel Manicures At Home With This Must-Know Info About UV And LED Lamps For Nails

Are you obsessed with having beautifully manicured nails? Perhaps you have a frustration when it comes to chipped nail polish, which is common when regular nail polish is used. You may have tried to use gel nail polish without using special lighting from a nail lamp afterward and got disappointed. The polish likely did not last if the light was not used because the lighting is required to cure the polish. 

Beginner's Tips For Choosing The Perfect Nail Polish Color

There are lots of reasons why you might be overwhelmed at trying to choose a nail polish for your next manicure. Maybe you've finally kicked the nail-biting habit and want to reward yourself with a manicure. Maybe you work a job that required keeping your nails short and paint-free, and you want to paint them temporarily for a special occasion. Maybe you've just never bothered painting your nails before, and now you want to try something new.

3 Tips For Creating A Flawless Makeup Canvas

No matter what makeup look you are trying to achieve, you need to start with good skin preparation and appropriate face makeup. By knowing how to make choices based on your skin type and tone, your makeup will look and apply better. Invest In Skin Preparation Investing in good quality products to prepare your skin for makeup will improve the way your makeup applies and wears throughout the day. After you clean your face, you will need a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.

Three Stunning Eye Makeup Looks You Can Create At Home

If you want your eye makeup to look pristine and professional, you're going to have to do a little more than sweep on a quick streak of eyeliner. Yet, creating stunning eye makeup looks at home is a lot easier than you might imagine. Read on to learn how to create three different professional-looking eye makeup looks. Note: Before creating any of these looks, you'll want to apply a layer of eyeshadow primer to your upper eyelid.

4 Ways To Add Shilajti To Your Morning Routine

Shilajit is a natural substance that is only found in areas like the Tibet mountains. When cultivated and turned into a pure resin, the shilajit is available for a wide variety of uses. For just your morning routine alone, there are four different ways you can make use of the live resin. Browse through the following routines and see how you can easily implement shilajit into each one. Morning Juicing

A Guy's Guide To Zombie Makeup

Move over, vampires—the zombies are here. There are few themes bigger in today's pop culture than zombies. Why the excitement over the undead? Max Brooks, an author who wrote about zombies, suggests to the BBC that zombie popularity may be due to the public's preoccupation with global disaster and the apocalypse. Whatever the reason, Halloween is far from the only opportunity you have to get your zombie on. Zombie parties, walks and even proms are popping up all over the world.