4 Ways To Add Shilajti To Your Morning Routine

Shilajit is a natural substance that is only found in areas like the Tibet mountains. When cultivated and turned into a pure resin, the shilajit is available for a wide variety of uses. For just your morning routine alone, there are four different ways you can make use of the live resin. Browse through the following routines and see how you can easily implement shilajit into each one. Morning Juicing

A Guy's Guide To Zombie Makeup

Move over, vampires—the zombies are here. There are few themes bigger in today's pop culture than zombies. Why the excitement over the undead? Max Brooks, an author who wrote about zombies, suggests to the BBC that zombie popularity may be due to the public's preoccupation with global disaster and the apocalypse. Whatever the reason, Halloween is far from the only opportunity you have to get your zombie on. Zombie parties, walks and even proms are popping up all over the world.